So I had two incidents in mind that I wanted to share here and had written up a blurb for, but was having a difficult tying them together. And then something happened at work that’s been bothering me a good deal, although it’s taken me some time — and a good deal of discussion with various fellow-Asian-American friends — to put form to why I’ve been feeling so bothered since last week.

The incident took place at the end of the day last Friday. Three white coworkers were chatting about 10 feet away from me, discussing the red lights shining at the Empire State Building (which we have a prime view of from my office). Incidentally, I was trying to join in on the conversation by asking for more details about the lights,  but they didn’t hear me, and then THIS gem happened instead:

Lady 1: It’s Chinese New Year-themed. They’re having some firework lighting at 6 to 7, I hear.
Man: You know, I don’t understand why Oriental is suddenly an offensive term.
(There is an awkward pause as ALL THREE GLANCE SIDEWAYS AT ME. I pretend not to listen, but am in fact listening quite intently.)
Lady 2: Yeah, I know…
Lady 1: It’s just one of those things.
Lady 2: I personally don’t think it’s such a bad term, but you have to be sensitive.
Man: No. This is one of those cases where people are just overreacting. You can’t be sensitive about everything.
Lady 2: (trying to be conciliatory) Well, I don’t mind not using the word.
Guy: I do. I like that word. It sounds very (emphatically gesturing) mysterious, and fantastical.
Lady 1: The Orient Express.

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Note to employers: If a mid-level employment candidate with a master’s degree applies for an entry-level job, it’s probably because the job market is crap. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure that out, right?

Last year, I applied for a PR assistant job with a PR agency, which we’ll call XXX. Before I go on, I just want to head this post with the amazing news that I just received an amazing offer to work at an amazing company. Getting paid way more than $30K. And it’s an offer I’m going to have to take at the price of sacrificing the current awesome arrangement I have now doing the freelance work I currently do. Also getting paid way more than $30K. So this story, we’ll just chalk it up to the shit I had to wade through before getting to where I am now.

Anyway, back to the PR assistant job. The job listing, which was forwarded to me by a fellow Medill alum, was fairly succinct and straightforward, particularly regarding compensation.

The Assistant is an entry level position at DKC. While the Assistant will be exposed to publicity over his/her 18-month minimum tenure in the position, the role is largely administrative and often involves supporting three (3) DKC staffers. Must dress and act professionally. This position pays a nonnegotiable salary of $30K.

Yes, $30,000 is a shitty salary, especially when you’re 27. But I was pretty desperate. Plus, they had Atari and Marvel as clients. How bad could a company with clients like Atari and Marvel be?

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