Bird Game

Poor Will:

ugh i got back to the office and found out a bird pooped on my bag
i know which bird too because i looked up
and saw a freaking bird fly away

I don’t know why, but I just find this incredibly funny (tinged with sympathy, of course!) this morning.

In other news, USPS has been a royal bust for me lately, what with losing my outgoing packages and mistakenly informing me of an incoming package at the local branch pickup window and then telling me, with no remorse whatsoever, that said package, which I took time off work to pick up, is not there.

(Speaking of “game,” if USPS workers could adopt some customer service attitudes and even pretend to care that they do such a shit job at their shit jobs, maybe they wouldn’t be so deep in the red and universally hated around the world. Just a thought.)

February’s off to a smashing start.


Hey, long time…

Keep calm

So, having been in a relationship (and a bit hesitant to write about the particulars of that) for a while now, as well as being generally and substantially busier trying to build myself out careerwise (being that this is now my last year before the big 3-0), I’ve been just a little MIA from my blog (clearly). But I haven’t forgotten about my writing, and I haven’t forgotten about my readers, albeit a small handful you all are. (That’s not to say any less about how grateful I am for your readership — please forgive your host, and keep returning even if the updates are slow!) Continue reading

Brown thumbs


After a few rocky months of uncertainty and disharmony, Boy and I have suddenly found our way back to happy love zone. This means that we’re again spending most evenings and weekends at home, rather than out and about. (This is also why I have no recent love games stories.) This has also been the perfect impetus for one of my latest (excessively numerous) hobbies: gardening. (I’ve also been on a massive DIY binge, but that’s another story for my next entry.) Plants, as it turns out, really liven up and boost the lovely factor of a home.

They’re also a lot more labor-intensive than you’d think.

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Note to employers: If a mid-level employment candidate with a master’s degree applies for an entry-level job, it’s probably because the job market is crap. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure that out, right?

Last year, I applied for a PR assistant job with a PR agency, which we’ll call XXX. Before I go on, I just want to head this post with the amazing news that I just received an amazing offer to work at an amazing company. Getting paid way more than $30K. And it’s an offer I’m going to have to take at the price of sacrificing the current awesome arrangement I have now doing the freelance work I currently do. Also getting paid way more than $30K. So this story, we’ll just chalk it up to the shit I had to wade through before getting to where I am now.

Anyway, back to the PR assistant job. The job listing, which was forwarded to me by a fellow Medill alum, was fairly succinct and straightforward, particularly regarding compensation.

The Assistant is an entry level position at DKC. While the Assistant will be exposed to publicity over his/her 18-month minimum tenure in the position, the role is largely administrative and often involves supporting three (3) DKC staffers. Must dress and act professionally. This position pays a nonnegotiable salary of $30K.

Yes, $30,000 is a shitty salary, especially when you’re 27. But I was pretty desperate. Plus, they had Atari and Marvel as clients. How bad could a company with clients like Atari and Marvel be?

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Looking forward for 2013


What a lapse in updating. I’m all for taking a break, but holidays — what a way to fuck up your routine.

Anyway, now that that’s over and done with, it’s time to get back on task. That means clearing out my inbox of 3498230572398 unread emails, actually going grocery shopping, being hungry and not staying hungry because I’m lazier than I am hungry, so on and so forth. And actually finishing some of the goals I make for myself.

I suppose 2013 is about getting to where I couldn’t in 2012. 2012 for me was a lot about building a post-grad-school/post-Vogue foundation for myself and getting myself to that place where stability was actually a real, tangible thing, not some virtual pipe dream.

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City that never sleeps… alone anyway

Junior year of high school was when I first started raving about going to New York and how it would be the perfect city. New York was the only US counterpart as far as I could see that could contend with the mega-metropolitan city that is Seoul, where I had spent 10 years of my childhood. After all, I was a city girl.

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