Bird Game

Poor Will:

ugh i got back to the office and found out a bird pooped on my bag
i know which bird too because i looked up
and saw a freaking bird fly away

I don’t know why, but I just find this incredibly funny (tinged with sympathy, of course!) this morning.

In other news, USPS has been a royal bust for me lately, what with losing my outgoing packages and mistakenly informing me of an incoming package at the local branch pickup window and then telling me, with no remorse whatsoever, that said package, which I took time off work to pick up, is not there.

(Speaking of “game,” if USPS workers could adopt some customer service attitudes and even pretend to care that they do such a shit job at their shit jobs, maybe they wouldn’t be so deep in the red and universally hated around the world. Just a thought.)

February’s off to a smashing start.


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