Hey, long time…

Keep calm

So, having been in a relationship (and a bit hesitant to write about the particulars of that) for a while now, as well as being generally and substantially busier trying to build myself out careerwise (being that this is now my last year before the big 3-0), I’ve been just a little MIA from my blog (clearly). But I haven’t forgotten about my writing, and I haven’t forgotten about my readers, albeit a small handful you all are. (That’s not to say any less about how grateful I am for your readership — please forgive your host, and keep returning even if the updates are slow!)

As for why I’ve been suddenly inspired to come back, I’m sad (more for my sake, to be honest) to say it’s not quite because I have a wealth of stories I’ve been accruing over the duration of my absence (although I do have a few, soon to come). One reason was, not too originally, guilt at my own indolence. I had established this blog back in 2011 for several reasons, the biggest of which were 1) to memorialize (oh god) the stories of my stupid youth, 2) to continue practicing the craft of writing and storytelling, and 3) to practice establishing myself as a brand and distinct voice. I wanted to practice viewing my life as a endless source of narratives, and expressing even the most abstract of my thoughts in a clear and articulate, easily comprehensible way. I wanted record my theories about not just dating, but human interaction as they materialized themselves in my brain. I wanted to entertain, but also to self-observe. What did I, myself, think of my experiences one step removed from myself?

But you know, really, in all candor, I just wanted to be read. After all, if I had solely wanted this to be a personal exercise, I would have simply written on a white-paged manuscript then burned the pages after. And call me a popularity whore, but it was really, in the end, a fat blue email from WordPress entitled “Your 2013 year in blogging” that kicked me in the ass to open a new tab, link to wordpress.com, and log in. Sure, in the greater scheme of digital media and rampant bloggery, my site traffic weren’t nothin’ to write home about. But even without any stories to keep the audiences engaged throughout the months, my count of views and visitors was still enough to hum appreciatively in astonishment.

So, without ado: in anticipation of my first few new stories in the new year (not to mention the last 8 months — jesus), I’m kicking off 2014 with a new look and a promise that I’ll be updating at least once a month. Haven’t really made a list of concrete NY’s resolutions, but we’ll call that the first official one. There.

P.S. Update 5 minutes after posting: Wow, looks like everyone and their mom has used the shit out of the “prodigal blogger” headline. Eff that.


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