Looking forward for 2013


What a lapse in updating. I’m all for taking a break, but holidays — what a way to fuck up your routine.

Anyway, now that that’s over and done with, it’s time to get back on task. That means clearing out my inbox of 3498230572398 unread emails, actually going grocery shopping, being hungry and not staying hungry because I’m lazier than I am hungry, so on and so forth. And actually finishing some of the goals I make for myself.

I suppose 2013 is about getting to where I couldn’t in 2012. 2012 for me was a lot about building a post-grad-school/post-Vogue foundation for myself and getting myself to that place where stability was actually a real, tangible thing, not some virtual pipe dream.

Things I achieved:

  • Found a job,
  • Got fired,
  • Found another, better job,
  • Started paying off my grad school loans,
  • Found a boy,
  • Finally brought Kenji over to NYC,
  • Picked up a new hobby (jewelry making), and (if I say so myself) don’t think I’m too bad at it. Here’s a taster:


Doesn’t seem so terrible, right? That’s of course until you consider the flipside, or things I failed at:

  • Found a really shitty first post-grad-school job,
  • Broke all hell with a really shitty roommate,
  • Made it to 11 of 30 books I resolved to read in 2012 — and that’s actually better than I’d thought I did (if you guys are curious to see which books I read, and which books I failed to get to, here’s a list),
  • Continued the tradition of shitty NYE partying (never again),
  • Didn’t finish a single fiction manuscript of mine.

It gets worse when you compare my successes with my resolutions from last year circa Texts from last night:

  • Focus on self-improvement (i.e. no dating, no being self-conscious, and no mourning my age),
  • Whittle down to 110 pounds by year’s end (part of the plan involved drinking less),
  • Read more,
  • Write more,
  • In general, just be a good person.

Did I achieve self-improvement a la the above? No. Did I reach 110 pounds? No (although frantic real estate hunting has managed to “whittle” my waist somewhat. This, of course, was also tempered by my also becoming a bartender, so so much for drinking less). Did I read and write more? Clearly not. As for the last item — well, you decide.

While I’m all for keeping New Year’s resolutions short and sweet — and therefore most feasible to follow through on and actually accomplish — seeing how my performance panned out last year either brings to question my ability to follow through on things at all, or whether I wasn’t being nearly short and sweet enough. For the sake of my sense of self-worth, I’ll opt for the latter.

For 2013 (as determined and related to my dear friend Edith last night over hangover ramen):

  • Read the remainder of my 30 books for 2012,
  • Lose flab (vs. weight),
  • Finish at least one fiction manuscript. 

One other thing? Absolutely on no condition go NYE partying at the end of this year. Over it, hipster style. Maybe I’ll post about it. Later.


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