Do w.3

After a considerable period of near-zero game, I was asked out via text yesterday by Billy. I was a little flattered, but not for long.

Billy is 25 years old. At 25, you would expect to have some level of tact when trying to get a girl to go out with you.

Maybe I’m too nice.

Billy texts me a few days after we first meet. We go through the basic hey-it’s-Billy-did-you-have-a-good-night-Thursday and me responding yes-but-taking-a-break-from-going-out before he jumps straight to, “Getting too old?” I reply, “Nope, just tired.”

Undeterred, Billy asks me repeatedly for my age. I’m already turned off by the persistence for stats and respond, “27,” in hopes that it’ll deter him from contacting me again.

No dice.

Lol I am 25
Let’s go hang out sometime lol

I’m not too thrilled about the idea, but to be polite, I ask, “what you got in mind?”

His response causes my face to morph into this expression:

To wit:

well you could start by buying some flowers for me and taking me to expensive restaurant.
I will see how you do and decide if I would want to see you again hahaha
Haha I am jk we could just go hang out
Do w.3

Do w.3? What is that, filling out tax forms? Learning HTML? The rest, I don’t even need to comment on.

I delete his number.


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