Farewell, Chicago

Farewell, Chicago, you city of USA’s most ineligible singles and bacteria-infested wannabe beaches. It’s been a fun year, dragging myself through the many grueling hours of grad school and liberally relieving stress with excess alcohol afterwards.

There are certain things I’ll hope never to have to experience again (CTA, living next to a faux lake instead of an OCEAN, bitches), But sarcasm notwithstanding I truly enjoyed the many treasures you’ve revealed to me (to name a few: Cafécito, Pho & I, and, the greatest love of my life, Drawing Room). I survived my first blizzard ever, popped my cover-band bar cherry, met friends who I know I’ll hold dear for years to come, gone home in a cop car (wouldn’t you like to know more about that one), and even had the occasional laugh about white Midwesterners who hate ditzy Asian Californians (in case you couldn’t guess, that’s me).

I know there are many things on my Chicago bucket list that I failed to accomplish before parting with you. These include climbing Sears Tower, indulging in the Chicago River kayak tour, and Emily and I flirting our way onto a boat. Rest assured, I will be back for this.

You’ve taught me much. I’ll miss you.


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